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Thursday, February 21, 2013

POEA Warns Against Scams Offering Nursing, Nanny Jobs via Email

Fake Nanny Jobs

The POEA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said that swindlers are targeting unsuspecting applicants offering them job as Nanny in America.

Cacdac said he received last week a memorandum from Labor Attache Luzviminda
Padilla of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Washington DC  endorsing
the case of a Filipino national  who requested assistance from the POLO to verify a
job offer from Barrister Martin Bishop, as Nanny for Mrs. Julie Adams of 206
Springfield Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 007114 USA.  

In the job offer, a certain Martin Bishop represented himself as a Barrister associated
with Macroberts Solicitors based in New Jersey.  

Cacdac said the victim has remitted US$276.99  via Western Union to a certain
Qunesha Clewis of 1520 Sepulveda Ave., Apt. G, San Bernardino, California in
connection with the job offer. 

Upon verification, the Washington POLO found out that Martin Bishop, Julie Adams,
and Qunesha Clewis were all fictitious names invented by the scammer.

Fake Nursing Jobs

After offering Filipino medical workers non-existent jobs in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and United Stated of America, swindlers are now luring them to “work” in Singapore.

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said Mr. Tan Zhiyi, the Human Resource Division of Singapore General Hospital has alerted him of numerous inquiries they received from Filipino workers asking about the authenticity of the job offers sent through email addresses,  singaporegeneralhosp and 

Cacdac said Mr. Tan has denied the emails came from them, adding that
their official emails use the internet address

The target victims were required to pay PhP3,800 for visa interview preparation fee through a bank account, which Mr. Tan claimed was not owned by  the hospital. 

Typical of other fake e-mails, the sender assures the worker of nonpayment of placement and processing fees, and free accommodation and food allowance, but they have to undergo seminars such as visa  interview coaching or English/British language training  prior to signing an employment contract.

Cacdac said the scammers have previously sent emails offering Filipino
applicants nursing or caring jobs in Queensway Carleton Hospital,
Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Shouldice Hospital, and Fraser Health in  Canada; Sydney Adventist Hospital in Australia; and other known hospitals
in UK and USA.

Cacdac said recipients should not even consider answering such emails or
entertaining supposed job opportunities spread though social media like
Facebook and Twitter.

“It is safer for our jobseekers to submit their applications through licensed
recruitment agencies in the Philippines,” Cacdac added. 

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