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Friday, February 8, 2013

Special EPS-TOPIK Announcements from POEA

 The POEA provides an update for those who registered for the special EPS-TOPIK (Employment Permit System-Test of Proficiency in Korean) last January 14 to 18.

According to the advisory posted in the POEA website, a huge number of voluntary returnees registered so it will take a long time to give the computer-based test (CBT). For this reason, the HRD-Korea and the POEA decided to conduct a one-time, special paper-based test instead on17 March 2013 at San Beda College in Mendiola, Manila.

The test will be given in two (2) batches: one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Those assigned in the morning (first session) cannot take the test in the afternoon (second session) and vice-versa.

Notice of the 1st Special EPS-TOPIK in Philippines for Voluntary Returnees
1. Test Date: March 17 (Sun), 2013
2. Test Time 
1st Session: 10:00~11:10 (Reading 10:00~10:40, Listening 10:40~11:10)
2nd Session: 15:00~16:10 (Reading 15:00~15:40, Listening 15:40~16:10)

Each examinee  must  take  his/her  designated  seat  before  Examinee's Orientation 09:00(1st session), 14:00(2nd session). Otherwise, he/she can't take the test.

NOTE:  All 1stsession examinees  can go  to  their designated  test  rooms  starting at 07:30 AM and 12:30 PM for 2nd session examinees.

Announcement of Test room: Will be posted on the Bulletin Board at the test venue on theactual test date.

Registered applicants should check their registration number, category of industry, and designated test schedule (time). If the information is wrong, contact HRD Korea – EPS Center in the Philippines or the POEA immediately.

This doesn’t mean that the applicant can change his/her information on the application form. This procedure is for clarification purposes only.

If the applicant’s registration number written on the Admission ticket for the Special EPS TOPIKdoes not match the posted one in this announcement, you have to follow the posted registration number.

On  the  test  date,  one  set  of  test  paper  and  one  answer  sheet  will be distributed to every applicant. The applicant's name, registration number and designated  type  of  test  paper  will  be printed (marked) already on each answer sheet. 

An applicant should confirm his/her name and registration number which are printed on his/her answer sheet when receiving the answer sheet. An applicant also should receive the same type of test paper with the printed type of test paper on the answer sheet (type A,B,C or D).

Any  mistakes  or  errors  caused  by  the  type  of  test  paper  are  on the responsibility of the applicant. For this reason, each applicant should confirm that the type of test paper which he/she receives is the same with the one printed on the answer sheet before the test starts.

Only one answer sheet will be distributed for each applicant.  Replacement and Modification ofanswer sheet is not permitted. So examinee must fill out the answer sheet carefully.

Correction of answers on the answer sheet with correction fluid  or  tape  will  be  regarded  as wrong answer.

Verification of identity by face will be conducted by proctors(including HRD Korea Proctor), soexaminee must bring passport on the test day.(If not, the test taker can't take the test.)

Applicants must use black color pen in marking of the answer. (Answers marked with a pencil orother color pen shall be regarded as invalid.) 

During  the  test, Applicants  can't  use  the  toilet  and  can't leave  the  test  room(If  the  test  taker leaves the test room during the test, his/her test would be regarded as invalid or cheating.)

Having and using of electronic and communication devices such as mobile phones, PDA, and etc. is prohibited  anywhere in  the  test venue during  the  test day(if examinee have or use them during test, he/she will be regarded as a cheater.)

In case of cheating during the test, test will be void and the examinee will NOT be eligible fortaking the test for 2 years.

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